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Ketambe Adventure - Welcome to the earth as a whole, Southeast Aceh Regency, Southeast Aceh Regency is one of the regencies located in Aceh Province, Indonesia.

Thematically, the Bekhu Dihe dance is based on the legend of the love triangle between Bekhu Dihe, warlock, and Bekhu Dinam. However, the choreographer did not share their love story describing how Bekhu Dihe was. bekhu dihe not male but she is female, the word son must you replace with daughter. This dance is danced by female dancers with gentle movements that reflect the beauty and cheerfulness of Bekhu Dihe.


The clothes worn by dancers are traditional Alas clothing in general, namely mesikhat clothes with a combination of trousers and uis or typical Alas songket cloth. The musical instruments used as dance accompaniments are canang tilu and bansi. There is no special floor pattern in it, the floor pattern depends on the desired needs in a show.

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