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KETAMBE ADVENTURE - It cannot be denied, orangutans and forests have an important role in life. Orangutans are forest farmers (seed dispersers) and forests are a source of life for most of life.

Forests are a home and a source of life for orangutans and humans. Imagine, what would happen if there were no orangutans and forests left, then what would happen to life? One thing that is certain is that it will be difficult for living creatures to reproduce. The threat of loss of orangutan habitat is increasingly felt.

Orangutans can be said to be a foundational species for conservation, the loss of orangutans reflects the loss of hundreds of plant and animal species in the rainforest ecosystem.

Orangutans play an important role in forest regeneration by eating fruit and seeds. These fruits or seeds then grow into tree canopies which are also called forests.


trekking, rafting, hikking, tubing, orang utan,

Remaining primary forests are the basis of human well-being and the key to a healthy planet is biodiversity. By saving orangutans you also help mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, plants and various other species that live in Indonesia's rainforests.

So, what is the relationship between orangutans and humans? Humans are very dependent on forests, like orangutans, for their source of life, such as water, food and clean air. Apart from that, humans need sources of knowledge, recreation and livelihood.

A good forest will always have a good impact on the people who live around the forest, including bringing in tourists from the impact of tourism which can improve the community's economy. 

trekking, rafting, hikking, tubing, orang utan,

Another thing that is no less important is that the presence of orangutans in the forest can provide information about the use of traditional medicines derived from plants in the forest to the community and researchers.

One hopes that orangutans and forests can continue into the future because of their invaluable role in the sustainability of the lives of most living creatures. The protection and preservation of orangutans and forests requires attention from all parties without exception. In this way, forests and orangutans can be preserved in the future. 

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trekking, rafting, hikking, tubing, orang utan,

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