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Ketambe Advenutre - Ketambe hot spring tourism is located in Gunung Leuser National Park, Southeast Aceh Regency, Ketambe District, Ketambe Village. This ketambe hot spring tourist attraction is located in the middle of the forest, this ketambe hot spring is very interesting to visit.

This ketambe tourist attraction can be traveled from the village of Ketambe or from the peak of Gurah Ketambe for a 2-3 hour trip, of course, accompanied by a Ketamabe tour guide or local youth. It takes struggle and enthusiasm to get to the location of this ketambe tourist attraction, we have to pass through the jungles.


                            > TREKKING 4-5 DAY

                            > 8 SUMATERA DAY

Go up and down the incline, but take it easy the path is fun and very suitable for those of you who want to channel your hobbies as mountain climbers or nature lovers. During the trip we will see a lot of flowers, birds that have very beautiful colors and of course unique that friends have seen before.

After walking in the forest for about 1 hour you will arrive at the Gurah Ketambe Camping Ground tourist spot, you can rest, have lunch and enjoy the river in Gunung Leuser National Park. After the break you will continue journey.

By crossing the Gurah Ketambe river which is not too deep, after crossing the river you can continue your journey. You will find wood like snakes and friends will find Rafflesia flowers not far from the location of wood like snakes.

After that, friends will see the cave cracking gurah ketambe, the cave is beautiful and very good for taking photos at the location of the cave. Walk and keep walking you will smell the sulfur after smelling the sulfur, your friends will arrive at the hot spring attraction.

When you arrive at the Ketambe hot spring tourist attraction, friends can enjoy the beautiful panorama that is very beautiful and the cool air cools the heart. The tiredness and exhaustion of the trip will pay off and disappear by seeing the paradise of the world hidden in the Gunung Leuser National Park, friends can see very hot hot water.

You can also boil eggs in hot water, take a steam bath in hot water and take a hot bath there. This ketambe hot spring tourist attraction is very suitable as a recreational tourism object, camping and also learning about nature.

We provide trekking, rafting, hiking, individual, couples and group tour packages, at affordable prices. You can choose a period of time, be it 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or even 2 months with a wide selection of tourist attractions.

We will guide you through the Ketambe forest discovering lots of exotic wild flora and fauna: Thomas leaf monkey & white gibbons and the famous orangutan. thunderous giant trees, majestic lizards and snakes, hornbills and colorful birds, spiders, and the largest flower on Earth, Rafflesia arnoldii. natural hot springs, mysterious lake waterfalls in the middle of the forest.

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