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5 ways to prevent damage to nature.

Disasters caused by human activities that are not responsible to nature.

This nature is so beautiful for all humans on earth and as a source of wealth on our earth. But in fact many people on this earth take advantage of natural wealth with great greed. Many people are selfish by using nature for their industrial needs by dividing trees illegally. Only for the sake of the economy, they forget about nature that needs to be protected and preserved. Because of his greed for nature and not caring about the preservation of the natural surroundings.


Lots of damage caused by human greed for nature such as mountains, forests, seas. A deforested forest is an example of natural damage due to humans cutting down trees illegally. This deforested forest is the result of not being based on a system of selective logging or reforestation. In addition, it also causes landslides in the highlands due to the impact of illegal logging.

Then water pollution caused by human activities littering in rivers, especially in urban areas. This will cause flooding every year if it rains, floods are usually found in urban areas. And air pollution that causes global warming because there is a lot of motor vehicle exhaust and factory smoke. And also do not be surprised to find factory waste dumped in the ocean, this results in damage to the marine ecosystem.

There are many ways to prevent human-induced environmental damage. Until the government's efforts to deal with natural damage have been regulated in natural protection laws.

There are many things we can do to overcome and prevent natural disasters around us. Even with small things, we will succeed in eradicating natural disasters caused by human activities. By preventing damage to marine and land ecosystems is a form of our love for nature.

Do not litter in the river. By throwing garbage in the trash will create a clean and tidy environment for him to see. Not only that, but also by disposing of trash in its place will help the city from the danger of flooding.

Replanting deforested forests or reforesting land that should be replanted with trees.

Not dumping factory waste in the sea. It is better for a factory to know how to dispose of and utilize their factory waste. By preventing sea damage like this, it will reduce sea water pollution and marine biota will be maintained.

Doing terracing. Terracing is an effort to overcome soil erosion so that the soil does not erode from the effects of water flow.

Always appreciate and love nature.

By overcoming this excessive exploitation of nature, humans will realize that nature is the most important home. That is the most beneficial house for the life of living things in the world.

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