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KETAMBEADVENTURE.COM - Fresh air is the hope of every living creature. The issue of clean and fresh air has become a global concern. Various efforts to maintain and even improve the environment for clean and fresh air are continuously being carried out.

One important thing in protecting the natural world is behavior in maintaining the air layer which is commonly called ozone. Maybe there are still some of us who don't understand ozone, so the world community must care about protecting this earth's protection.

Paying attention to the importance of the ozone layer, countries in the world agreed to sign the Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, known as the Montreal Protocol in 1987, to be precise on September 16 1987. So that the entire world community always remembers and participates in protecting the earth's protective layer, September 16 celebrated as International Ozone Day.

trekking, hikking, rafting, tour, jungle, ketambe, sumatra

It is true that the Ozone layer is very important as a protector of the earth and also for the life of living creatures that live on it. When the ozone layer in the air becomes thinner, this will affect climate change. The thin ozone layer in the air will easily leak. If the ozone layer leaks, the sun's heat cannot be filtered properly, resulting in heat collecting on the earth.

This climate change is known as Global Warming. We need to play a collective role in preserving the ozone layer. There are many ways that we can do in our daily lives to preserve the ozone layer. One of the easiest forms of action is the wise use of household tools.


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Sometimes we don't care about using the AC (air conditioner) and refrigerator/refrigerator. If you don't pay attention to the dissipation of heat from these two household appliances, it is the cause of the depletion of the ozone layer. We can imagine if every household in this world did not pay attention to it.

trekking, hikking, rafting, tour, jungle, ketambe, sumatra

Another important behavior is preserving the environment. Planting trees, caring for trees, ensuring that forest destruction does not occur are actions that are highly desirable. Forests and parks full of trees are important in reducing the increase in hot air temperatures. A green environment full of lush trees reduces hot air, so that the quality of the air we breathe becomes better. We will feel comfort and freshness when we breathe clean and fresh air.

As humans, we are also taught to take part in preserving the environment well. Humans must be able to live in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. The harmony between human life and nature is described as four wheels. When these four wheels spin, humans can achieve greatness and abundant profits. Awareness of the natural environment continues to be developed using a legal approach of interdependent cause and effect.


trekking, hikking, rafting, tour, jungle, ketambe, sumatra

Realizing that humans cannot live alone, realizing that humans need to build a symbiotic mutualism, a relationship between nature and humans that is mutually beneficial to each other.

Likewise, we use natural resources to support prosperity and happiness in life on this earth. Good behavior to protect and preserve the natural environment is the main thing, rather than using natural resources arbitrarily and irresponsibly or even destroying them.

Let's prioritize the behavior of maintaining balance between humans as a small world and the natural environment as a big world, so that nature becomes sustainable and life becomes radiant. 


trekking, hikking, rafting, tour, jungle, ketambe, sumatra

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