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Ketambe Adventure - Rafflesia Arnoldi is a giant flower discovered by Thomas Stanford Raffles in 1818 in the forests of Sumatra.

In fact, the emergence of the Rafflesiaceae family is very closely related to the Bengkulu area, because the description of the first species in 1821, Rafflesia arnoldii, the specimen came from South Bengkulu and can also be found in the Ketambe forest, Gunung Leuser National Park.


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Now, this giant flower is included in a protected species according to Law number 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Living Natural Resources and their Ecosystems. Hunting and forest fires are the causes that cause the Rafflesia arnoldi population to decrease.

The special features of the rafflesia flower are:
Large flowers.
It has no roots, stems and leaves.
Has no chlorophyll.
Pollen is a viscous liquid.
Gives off a bad smell.
Radiates heat.

trekking, hikking, rafting, tour, jungle, ketambe, sumatra

This flower is a Rare Puspa which can only be enjoyed for its beauty within 3-4 days since it starts to bloom and from the copula process to the perfect blooming phase it takes 9 months, so seeing a rafflesia flower when it blooms is an extraordinary and unforgettable moment.

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trekking, hikking, rafting, tour, jungle, ketambe, sumatra

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