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Ketambe Adventure - Friends, snakes are a type of reptile that most people consider dangerous animals.

Not only in the forest, this type of reptile is often found in various places, even in urban areas and in people's yards.

In Indonesia alone, there are about 350 more species of snakes. But what is recommended as a high venomous snake is not more than 20%.

Well, have you ever seen a snake with green characteristics?

There are many kinds of green snakes. There are levels that can be high, medium, or not.

The sea carrion snake, also known as the Green viper, is a type of venomous snake that is dangerous. Having the scientific name Trimeresurus albolabris, this snake is also known by other names such as oray bungka, oray majapait (Sd.), ula bangka-laut or ula gadung luwuk (Jw.), ulah sanggit (Lombok), Sawa tarihu or also Cindalu (Bima Dompu), and others. In English it is called the white-lipped tree viper, white-lipped pit-viper, referring to the whitish back, or bamboo pit-viper because of its habit of staying in bamboo groves.


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This snake is also named the green snake because of its body color. However, this naming can be misleading, because there are quite a number of green tree snakes, such as the snake shoots (Ahaetulla spp.) and the squirrel snake (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) which are harmless.

Therefore, the ability to recognize the type of snake is the basis for what we can do so we know whether the snake is venomous or not.

Sea Carrion Snake (Trimeresurus Albolabris)

This snake has the main characteristics of a red tail. The sea carrion snake is also known as the green viper and is a type of highly venomous snake with a toxic hemotoxin content.

This snake will generally be found around trees.

trekking, hikking, rafting, tour, jungle, ketambe, sumatra

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